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    Hi there,
    Just wanted to share some pics of my recently acquired Rasmus M102 in Candy Apple Red color. Apologies for the low-fi digital camera and cold neon lighting:





    You can see more pics at: http://s901.photobucket.com/albums/ac213/samgoody_2010/Rasmus%20M102/
    The first eight pics (with the date at the bottom right corner) were taken when I received the guitar. The other pics were taken by the retailer, and show off the color of the guitar better than my pics. That said, none of the pics really do the color justice, as it’s a stunning color in person. Everytime I look at it, I just want to pick it up and play!

    Sean Conklin
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    Very nice. I just checked the Rasmus website and it looks like they have some killer pics of the candy apple finish. Looks awesome! http://www.rasmusguitars.com/

    I’d be curious to play both Suhr and Rasmus to see how prominent the differences are.

    Steve Hubbard
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    I need to try one of these, asap!

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    Im sure it handles just like a Suhr.

    John has the habit of getting it right, and i know Ed oversaw a lot of the process.

    I would confidently get one without trying it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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