Carol of the Bells/God Rest - Part 3
Instructor: Sean Conklin

Now comes the section where we begin playing the "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" theme.

This section begins at a very soft volume and I'd suggest using your picking-hand's thumb to gently play the notes. Look for the "T" markings under the notes which indicate to use your thumb. When you watch the full track video, you can see how I also turn down the volume knob during this section. The goal is to have a very soft and sensitive sound.

Starting in bar 44, we'll begin playing the exact same melody, but with a lot more power. Be sure to turn your volume knob back up and play those notes with raw Christmas power!!

Lastly, when you see those wavy line markings above the notes, that simply means to give those notes a good amount of vibrato.

See you in Part 4!