Carol of the Bells/God Rest - Part 2
Instructor: Sean Conklin

Here we have the second part of the main "Carol of the Bells" melody.

In bars 13 through 16, we have a different melody than the last lesson, but the rhythmic structure is exactly the same, where we have the following count:

|    One   Two and    Three    |

In bars 17 through 20, we have a sequence that somewhat answers the preceding melody in bars 13 through 16. First, play it using eighth notes in bars 17 and 18. Then, play it using sixteenth notes in bars 19 and 20.

We'll then close out the "Carol of the Bells" section with a short repeat of the main melody on the Low E string. Be mindful of the palm mutes. You can see where to palm mute by looking for the "P.M." markings in the tab.

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