Shell Voicings - Enhancing our Blues
Instructor: Tom Quayle

Our second chord progression is again based in the blues genre but now sounds a lot more like a jazz progression.

As you can see from the TAB below we've added another chord type into the progression in the form of some minor 7th chords and added some new dominant 7th chords into the mix to add a 'jazzier' flavor. This is the kind of blues that players such as Robben Ford shine on allowing him to mix raw blues phrasing with more sophisticated jazz lines. It's also my blues progression of choice!

Again, only shell voicings are used and there's a definite swing feel going on. Try to mimic my feel when you play the progression and for practice purposes try moving the progression into other keys.

In the next video we'll try a very different type of blues progression using all of our available shell voicings.

Good luck!