Classical Guitar Solo: Romanza - Part 1
Instructor: Rick Graham

OK, what I think would be a great way of approaching this study would be to play each triplet pattern as a block chord, homophonically just to get those chord shapes under your belt. What I tend to do once I have those is to play each block chord but bring out the melody note. The way we can do that is(once we have prepared the fingers by placing them on the strings we are about to play) to displace the top e string more than the other strings. This will give the top e string more volume and fullness of tone and will really help to create a singing melody line.

If you are familiar with rest strokes, you can apply that technique to bring out the top voice but it will not work when you play each chord as a block chord.

Bear in mind that this is just one way that you can approach practicing this so I would advise you to devise as many ways as you can by yourself.

Always keep your practice slow and steady making sure you maintain control at all times.