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Pavel Denisjuk

Guitar Instructor

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Pavel's Music

About Pavel

Hey there! Welcome to my profile page and thanks for checking it out!

I’m coming from a family of professional musicians from Ukraine. I started playing guitar after I moved to Croatia. My first guitar was a classical no-name guitar and I started my journey in a local music school where my mother works as a piano teacher. I played classical guitar for 4 years and then got my first electric guitar – an Ibanez RG370DX. After finishing music school, I quit classical guitar and continued teaching myself on the electric.

After that came 5 years of practicing – a lot of practicing, different video instructionals, and just experimenting. In 2006, I bought my dream guitar – an Ibanez JEM7. I was a HUGE fan of Steve Vai at the time. It’s still my main axe today.

Players that have influenced me the most are Rusty Cooley, Steve Vai, and Luca Turilli. Classical music is also a big part of my taste so I listen to a lot of power/symphonic metal and compose a lot of orchestra arrangements for my music. You can hear some samples in the audio player on this page. The music samples are from different years so you will notice some difference in recording quality and arrangements.

What are my goals? To become a professional touring guitar player – be it with a metal band or as a solo guitarist. And with IG – to help you with your music and guitar playing in any way I can.

Thanks for reading this and see you around IG!

Greetz, Pavel

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