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Membership Features

Guitar Lessons

Unlimited access. Learn guitar at your own pace.

Watch whatever lessons you want, whenever you want. Our lesson library is vast with guitar lessons in every genre and topic you can think of.

Membership gives you access to our entire library of results-driven lessons. We want to see you succeed whether you're pursuing guitar as a hobby or as a profession.


Learn from guitar teachers around the world

The guitar instructors at Infinite Guitar all share one important principle throughout their teaching...the guitar is infinite. And they want to show you how, and why, so you will be inspired to continually break new ground with the guitar.

They are not only professional guitarists, they are also professional teachers, passionate to help you along your learning journey.

Lesson Library

Intuitive search interface to find lessons

Infinite Guitar has thousands of lessons. So we created a way to help our users sort through them efficiently.

The Lesson Library is designed to help you find what you're looking for as quickly as possible. With filtered categories such as lesson type, media, difficulty, topic, style and instructor, you'll find the lessons you want with ease.

Guitar Tablature

Playable tabs & notation to help you learn

Our lesson tablature is fully interactive! That means you can play it, slow it down, speed it up, loop it, and even add a metronome click.

This will take your practicing to whole new levels since you can play along to the tab. You can adjust the tempo to your current skill level, then increase speed accordingly.

We also provide our tab files to be downloaded directly to your device in format.

Sound Off Sound On

Backing Tracks

Play along and learn by practical application

When learning guitar or any other instrument, application is key. That's why most of our guitar lessons are accompanied with backing tracks, allowing you to practice what you've learned in a fun and effective way.

You can play the backing tracks with our audio player or download them to your device.

Speaking of our audio player, you can also customize and pick the waveform colors!

Progress Tracker

Complete lessons as you go

Track your goals and get detailed statistics for guitar lessons you've completed.

To mark a lesson as completed, click the icon when you see it on lesson pages and lists.

Bookmark Lessons

Save lessons to your custom list

Create a private list where you can save your favorite lessons and bookmark lessons you plan to watch later.

To save a lesson, click the icon when you see it on lesson pages and lists.

Left-hand Friendly

Special visual enhancements for left-handed players

Finally, guitar lessons that are inclusive to our fellow left-handed friends!

With a single setting, you can flip all our videos and thumbnails horizontally for a complete left-handed viewing experience across the entire website.

for Phones & Tablets

Seamless learning experience on all devices

No need to be stuck using a huge monitor to enjoy Infinite Guitar's lessons. Take us mobile too!

We've taken great care creating a smooth learning experience on all devices. Our videos, audio player, tabs and all other website features can be enjoyed by desktop and phone users alike. You don't even have to download an app, come directly to the site and enjoy!