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Guitar Lessons that work

Let's be real. The internet has no shortage of online guitar lessons. But good ones that actually get you places? Those are rare.
But not for us.

Why We're Different

Guitar Lessons

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Lessons that Inspire

Lessons that Inspire

Our company name, Infinite Guitar, signifies how the guitar is indeed infinite. There is always more to learn and more creativity to tap into. Our guitar teachers build upon this core principle within their lessons. We'll help you learn the technicals, but more importantly we want to inspire you and open your eyes to how amazing the guitar truly is, and the potential you can have with it.

We have guitar teachers from all over the world and they're some of the best talent in the business. Check out our free guitar lessons to get a taste!

Features Galore

Not only are our lessons useful, we also have many cool features that make your learning experience even better!

  • Interactive Tablature: play, loop, tempo control, metronome
  • Lesson Tracking: mark lessons as complete and track progress
  • Watch Later List: bookmark lessons easily
  • Lesson Search: the most advanced lesson search on the planet
  • Backing Tracks: download, loop, customize audio player
  • Guitar Pro Files: download GP files with most lessons
  • Software Tools: advanced metronome and chord finder
  • Left-Handed Players: flip all images and video horizontally!
Our Goal is Your Goal

Our Goal is Your Goal

You want to be a better guitarist, and our goal is to help you get there. Whether you're a total beginner, an intermediate in a rut, or a seasoned professional looking to be challenged, our guitar lessons can propel your skills well beyond their current level.

Our lessons are fun, applicable, and accommodating to your preferred learning pace. Want quick lessons to learn new licks? We've got those. Want in-depth tutorials that will take you days, if not weeks, to digest? We've got tons of those too!

Learn Guitar Online

Let's face it, going to a local music shop to get lessons is not convenient or cheap. While face-to-face lessons can be beneficial, online guitar lessons can have big advantages over local lessons.

  • Cost:
    Local - about $30 or more per lesson
    Infinite Guitar - just $12 a month (or cheaper! see pricing)
  • Convenience:
    Local - must deal with driving and sometimes cancellations
    Infinite Guitar - 24/7 access wherever you are
  • Retention:
    Local - easy to forget info discussed at lesson
    Infinite Guitar - lesson info can be viewed unlimited times
  • Instructor:
    Local - stuck with only one guitar teacher
    Infinite Guitar - learn from instructors all over the world
Learn Guitar Online

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