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Bare Knuckle Pickups Review

The first thing I noticed with this pickup was the clarity and punchyness in my lead tones. It’s not too thin or too thick, and sits somewhere in the middle and is quite balanced.

Line 6 Helix Floorboard

I come from a background of analog amps and effects, so I find most digital units uninspiring. But the Helix is something entirely different.

Does a Perfect Guitar Exist?

In my personal experience working with so many different music stores, it’s a never-ending theme once those guitars come off that delivery truck. What makes the best electric guitar?

BIAS Head Review

Imagine walking into any music store with your 7lb BIAS head and literally capturing all your favorite amp tones you know and love, in an instant. Amazing.

Economy of Motion

100% of my students do not exercise maximum fret-hand efficiency while playing and consequently exert far too much energy. Let’s analyze the solution together.


A song entails a composer’s message that is longing to be told, and longing to be heard. Let’s take a look at some steps on how to approach composing.

Pentatonic Finder

The goal of this lesson is to help you improvise freely across any key changes, anywhere on the neck, and learn how to conceptually visualize scales and keys.