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    Richard Lundmark
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    So, some packages arrived at home today (long awaited!)
    let’s see what we got :p
    Det kom ett paket 🙂

    My Cat Viggo is always keen to help unpack! 😎

    Hmm,a bone white 25th anniversary-case? how intriguing!

    Waddayoknow! A PRS 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Narrowfield Special (ouih, long name!)
    THE most beautifully matched Swampash-top I’ve ever seen!

    25th eagle on the head stock, and the new shadow bird-inlays

    Staggered Narrowfield Pickups! 😉

    Richard Lundmark
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    BUT… There was another package right? :rolleyes:

    Mmm..SOme guy named Marshall sent it (maybe Eminem??)

    Funny looking Tolex?

    A JVM410H Carbon Fibre head, a TRULY versatile piece of behemoth, and IMO the best amp Marshall has built since the JCM800!

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    Wow!Fantastic Richard!Stunning looking guitar and beautiful amp!Cant’ to see you playin that 😉


    Sean Conklin
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    Where’s the “drool” emoticon!? Stunning stuff Richard.

    It sure is nice of Viggo to let you play his new guitar.

    Legato Shredder 5150
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    Xd prs and jvm wow

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    By the way,do you still have your Suhr Modern and your Flaxwood?You really look in love with PRS guitars. 🙂

    Richard Lundmark
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    Yeah, I’m really happy with this new rig =) Between this and the McCarty ’58, I couldn’t ask for a sweeter rig!

    JeanDo: I guess it’s official by now… I’m saying goodbye to Flaxwood after several great years and many great clinics around the world.
    From now on, I’m strictly a Marshall and PRS-man, and will be mainly working on the Scandinavian angle for now.
    I’m involved with the Scandinavian Marshall and PRS guys at EM Nordic, and couldn’t ask for better guys to collaborate with,
    I’m all about actually collaborating and hand-on doing stuff, and for the last 2 years that just haven’t been happening anymore with Flaxwood.
    Still great guitars and all, but to me it’s also about the people and the work, not only the instruments.

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