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    Hello All! 🙂

    I am proud to announce that after much deliberation and searching, I recently (12/24) picked-up a 1983 Silverburst Gibson Les Paul Custom, and it’s in excellent condition too! The guy who owned it was the original-owner, and he needed “x-mas money,” so he sold it to a local music store (Daddy’s Junky Music) here in my hometown. The previous owner must’ve been a part-time player and a rhythm-guitarist (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I could tell from the type and lack of fret-wear that he wasn’t a lead-player.) Luckily, I have a guy at Daddy’s who knows I play in a Tool-tribute band and keeps an eye out for cool gear for me. He called me as soon as it came in – (Thanks Cory!) 😀

    I will post some pics as soon as I have a chance to take some decent pictures… 😮 😎

    ~Bill Meehan~ 😀

    Steve Hubbard
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    Pics pics pics pics! Silverburst Les Paul’s look killer! Good snag

    Sean Conklin
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    How dare you post this without pics!! 😀 Congrats on the new axe Bill!

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