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Guitar Tutorial

How to Play Harp Harmonics

Instructor: Sean Conklin
Topic: Technique
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Sean Conklin Level: Beginner Topic: Technique Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Welcome to the Harp Harmonics Tutorial! Here we will lean how to play harp harmonics as well as how to incorporate them into musical contexts. Harp harmonics are played when a finger on your picking hand gently touches a string 12 frets above the note you're playing. It doesn't always have to be 12 frets above the note, but that is usually the most common a...

    Media Length: 3:05

  • Instructor: Sean Conklin Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Acoustic

    Excerpt: In this lesson, we're going to experiment with playing harp harmonics within a chord progression. The progression will be as follows: D, G5, Bm, G5. These chords are listed in the tab below if you don't know them already. And remember, no matter what note you're playing, whether on the fretboard or on an open string, make sure you count 12 frets up for wher...

    Media Length: 2:05

  • Instructor: Sean Conklin Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Rock

    Excerpt: Lastly, let's play some harps in a more rockin' context. I personally love incorporating harp harmonics into my rhythm or solo playing. They can really add a neat flavor to the notes you play. Go ahead and crank up some distortion for this one, and have fun with it! Once you finish this short tutorial on harp harmonics, go experiment. And be sure to play h...

    Media Length: 0:43