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Harp Harmonics - Soft Acoustic Harmonics

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Harp Harmonics - Introduction Harp Harmonics - Harp with Attitude!

In this lesson, we're going to experiment with playing harp harmonics within a chord progression. The progression will be as follows: D, G5, Bm, G5.

These chords are listed in the tab below if you don't know them already. And remember, no matter what note you're playing, whether on the fretboard or on an open string, make sure you count 12 frets up for where you play the harp harmonic.

Lastly, you'll notice in the tab that each chord spans across 2 measures. One measure will be played normally without harp harmonics, then the next will have harp harmonics. Practicing this mix is good for two reasons: (1) It helps you learn to switch quickly from "non-harp harmonic mode" to "harp harmonic mode" (2) It helps you learn to hear the difference in sound between harp harmonics and the normally played notes.

Go slow with this. You're in no rush, and make sure those harps are completely accurate!