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Guitar Tutorial

Slap Guitar Basics

Instructor: Steve Hubbard
Style: Funk
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Steve Hubbard Level: Beginner Topic: Technique Style: Funk

    Excerpt: Welcome to my lesson on slap guitar! A brief overview of the video: - Combine both left and right hand technique.- Use thumb for slapping, first finger for plucking, third finger on left hand for percussion over the fretboard.- Try practicing groups of three vs. groups of four - i.e. triplets and quads.- Experiment with different tones on your amp, as well...

    Media Length: 4:09

  • Instructor: Steve Hubbard Level: Intermediate Topic: Cool Riffs Style: Funk

    Excerpt: Okay let's now try out the slap technique with a longer example. Start slow, then gradually increase speed while making sure the notes stay clean. *Notes on low E are to be slapped, notes on D are to be plucked.

    Media Length: 1:10