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Guitar Tutorial

Introduction To Guitar

Instructor: Chris Feener
Style: Any Style
Level: Beginner
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Beginner Topic: Reference Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Hey everyone! Welcome to This tutorial will be the first of many in an in-depth introduction to the guitar. Whether your forte is blues, rock, metal or pop, we'll examine every element of the instrument from the ground up so that we have a solid foundation to build from. So to begin, let's take care of some "house keeping". Left hand: Th...

    Media Length: 3:37

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Beginner Topic: Reference Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: So now that we understand the basics of how to locate a note, let's try arranging some notes in a more musical context... Below, (Exercise 1) we see a single line with two numbers, 0 and 1. What the line represents is our first string (the "skinny" E", and what the numbers represent are which frets we will play on that string. The one number that usually co...

    Media Length: 2:04

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Beginner Topic: Chords Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Chords A chord is defined as a combination of two or more notes played together in harmony. The best way to dive into the world of chords is to first learn the easiest mechanism for learning them - chord diagrams. Chord diagrams are fairly simplistic to understand as basically, if you hold your guitar with the head facing towards the ceiling, look at your f...

    Media Length: 2:55

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Beginner Topic: Technique Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Strumming Patterns What a strumming pattern is in essence, is the pattern in which your pick strikes multiple strings, consisting of downward and upward motions. The concept is actually quite simple, but without breaking down the actual motions from a rhythmic perspective, many people find themselves lost or developing bad habits. The main thing to keep in...

    Media Length: 2:26