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Chris Feener

Guitar Instructor

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About Chris

My name is Chris Feener – a 33-year-old guitarist/musician from Newfoundland, Canada. With a broad musical background as a touring musician, instructor, composer and session player, I have a strong understanding of music and am able to deliver concepts to students of all levels in a realistic and productive manner.

Having started out a die-hard classic rock fan in the early 90’s (KISS, Scorpions, etc.), moving into heavier rock and metal into the late 90’s (Metallica, Ozzy, etc.), then into more extreme genres into the 2000’s (Opeth, Scar Symmetry, etc.), I have developed a very solid foundation in the world of rock and metal. However, I have developed many skills from the opposite end of the spectrum having maintained long-lasting cover gigs, taken part in many tribute shows touring theaters around the province, performing as an acoustic solo musician at a bistro & lounge in Bermuda, while playing countless one-offs with multiple artists/bands in between.

Since competing in Guitar Idol 2008 (which sparked the “beginning” of my music career), I’ve written and toured with Threat Signal (Nuclear Blast Records), Epicurean (Metal Blade Records), released a full-length album with my metal duo entitled “Qyn” (album “Archetype”; available on a major streaming services) as well as a 4-song solo EP entitled “Revisions” (also streaming). I have over 11,000 followers on my Youtube channel ( where I have posted hundreds of covers, solo renditions, original material, etc.

Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you enjoy the lessons!

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