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Time Signatures: 7/8 - Overview

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Time Signatures: 6/8 - Example 1 (Easy) Time Signatures: 7/8 - Example 1 (Easy)

We're now going to look at the 7/8 time signature. With the top number being "7" and the bottom number being "8", we can conclude that the 7/8 time signature represents seven eighth notes in a measure.

You can count the beats of a 7/8 time signature as follows: "One Two Three Four Five Six Sev". Notice how I said "Sev" instead of "Seven"? Since the word "seven" has two syllables, it's wise to just say "sev" instead. This helps avoid accidentally confusing the two syllables as being two separate counts.

Or, you can also count it like this: "One and Two and Three and Four"