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Guitar Tutorial

Finger Tone

Instructor: Jody Mac
Styles: Any Style, Blues, Jazz
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: One of the most important, and often overlooked elements of the guitar is the tone created by your fingers. It is the first point of contact that you have with the guitar, and possibly one of the most crucial in creating an identity on the instrument. Well known players have distinctly different and memorable tones not as the result of an expensive rig, but ...

    Media Length: 1:48

  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Blues

    Excerpt: The following is a simple lick at first glance, but contains a number of elements which require attention to detail. The lick, which is derived from a Gm Pentatonic scale uses only the right hand fingers. By not using a pick, we are able to anticipate upcoming notes by resting fingers on the notes in advance. Tonally, the lick will sound much different than ...

    Media Length: 1:23

  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Chords Style: Blues

    Excerpt: This lesson builds on what we learned in the previous video. It vamps on a Dm7 chord to achieve a funky rhythmic sound. Although we are only using one chord, the percussive stops and staccato feel give it an interesting flavour to be used across a number of different genres of music. By utilizing the thumb and fingers instead of a pick, we can keep a very ti...

    Media Length: 1:56

  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Jazz

    Excerpt: This example is a short jazz comp which connects chords of the diatonic key using a walking bass line. Passing tones are used as a way to get from one chord idea to the root of the next. In standard jazz progressions, a pianist or guitarist will use an accompaniment such as this to allow other instruments to improvise over. This example is a simplified vers...

    Media Length: 1:42