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Tutorial: Finger Tone

Finger Tone Part 2 - Lead Lick

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Finger Tone Part 1 - Introduction Finger Tone Part 3 - Funky Chord Vamp

The following is a simple lick at first glance, but contains a number of elements which require attention to detail. The lick, which is derived from a Gm Pentatonic scale uses only the right hand fingers. By not using a pick, we are able to anticipate upcoming notes by resting fingers on the notes in advance. Tonally, the lick will sound much different than if it was executed using a pick. It has a much warmer, rounder tonality and lacks the slight harshness that results from pick attack. Its important to improve your right hand dexterity uniformly - try not to favour a certain finger when writing or practicing finger style licks. Use the P, I, M and A fingers equally to achieve the maximum benefit of this technique.

As always, use a metronome when practicing the lick, and pay attention to the right hand notation on the tab provided. For inspiration, check out players such as Derek Trucks and Michael Landau who frequently make use of this technique. Good luck!