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Guitar Tutorial

Nashville Numbers

Instructor: Jody Mac
Topic: Chords, Theory
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Chords Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Introduction   The Nashville number system allows you to quickly jump into unfamiliar music even without knowing standard notation! As the name suggests, it originated with Nashville studio musicians who needed a quick and easy way to transcribe songs and to modulate seamlessly between keys. By learning the system of roman numerals, you can jump into ...

    Media Length: 2:21

  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Theory Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Theory   Now that we know the chords of the diatonic key (naturally occurring chords within the major scale), we can apply the follow roman numerals to each of the chords:    I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi, vii.    The uppercase letters signify a major chord, and the lowercase letters denote a minor or diminished chord. Now if we walk o...

    Media Length: 3:49

  • Instructor: Jody Mac Level: Intermediate Topic: Chords Style: Holiday

    Excerpt: Rhythm   This system of interpreting music has a very handy visual method of showing rhythms. All the chords are broken down into measures. When you look at a chart, you can see exactly where the chord occurs. Each chord gets its own measure, and usually they are written with four measures per line. Additional rhythmic markings can occur, but for this...

    Media Length: 2:10