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Guitar Tutorial

Shred Licks

Instructor: Travis Montgomery
Topic: Exercises
Style: Any Style
Levels: Advanced, Crazy!
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Travis Montgomery Level: Advanced Topic: Exercises Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Intro   I’m going to start my lessons off here at Infinite Guitar with a few licks. These licks are meant to work on at least 2-3 different techniques at once. You’ll be doing a bit of alternate picking, legato, finger tapping, and sweep picking. Remember to start everything slow, and gradually build up your speed to the correct tempo. You...

    Media Length: 1:31

  • Instructor: Travis Montgomery Level: Crazy! Topic: Exercises Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Lick 2 This lick involves sweeping, tapping, economy picking, and legato.  It starts off with an ascending arpeggio into a tap, then slides up into some legato and another tap on the 24th fret. This starts a descending sweeping lick with some economy picking thrown in. This portion of the lick is meant to feel very fluid. Pay attention to the picking ...

    Media Length: 1:07