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Tutorial - Shred Licks
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Shred Licks - Intro & Lick 1

Travis Montgomery 32 lessons



I’m going to start my lessons off here at Infinite Guitar with a few licks. These licks are meant to work on at least 2-3 different techniques at once. You’ll be doing a bit of alternate picking, legato, finger tapping, and sweep picking. Remember to start everything slow, and gradually build up your speed to the correct tempo. You want to make sure that every note is clean, audible, and there is no excess string noise. 


Lick 1


In this lick you’ll be doing all of the techniques that I described above. The lick starts off with some alternate picking, and bit of string skipping. Then, moves into a Paul Gilbert-esque string skipping shape with a tap on the end of it. The lick then slides into a small descending sweep and a bit of legato, and ends off with an ascending alternate picking run. The lick should have a “floating” triplet feel to it.


Like I said before, make sure every note is audible and clear. 

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