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Guitar Tutorial

Spicing up the Blues

Instructor: Nick Granville
Topic: Chords, Scales
Style: Blues
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Nick Granville Level: Beginner Topic: Chords Style: Blues

    Excerpt: Hi everyone! In this lesson, I'm going to show you a basic way to slide 9th chords to create colour when playing the blues. I use this sound often as it is very colourful, yet also very simple and powerful. See the notation below for the voicings. When you're ready, head on over to the next page where we'll go over how to incorporate arpeggios into our blue...

    Media Length: 3:20

  • Instructor: Nick Granville Level: Intermediate Topic: Scales Style: Blues

    Excerpt: Now I'll show you a simple way to play arpeggios for each chord change over a 12 bar blues. Using arpeggios when soloing over a blues is a great concept as it allows you to 'spell' the chord changes but also creates more colour than using just the minor pentatonic scale, as so many blues players do. This lesson is just the beginning. A concept like this can...

    Media Length: 4:30