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Hybrid Picking Sequences for Fusion - Introduction

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Welcome to this tutorial on Hybrid Picking!

Hybrid picking is a very useful technique, applicable in many musical styles, ranging from Country to Fusion. In the world of country this technique is called "Chicken Picking", probably stemming form the fact that in the old days of folk music, guitar players used to flat pick pretty much everything, and if you used your fingers, well you were just a cheating chicken =)

Today however, with the modern evolution of hybrid picking being brought forward by players like Brett Garsed, not to mention Tom Quayle, we are seeing more and more players utilizing this in their every day playing. I myself am no stranger to hybrid picking, having used it mainly in a country and rock context. However, even though the musical styles are vastly different, it is really not a huge feat converting your "chicken picking" to "hybrid picking". In this tutorial I will give you some sequences to practice, and above all to apply to each and every lick and line you already know. These sequences and lines and licks derived form them should whip your right hand into shape in no time, so get busy!

First of all, we will discuss some preliminary exercises to prepare you for the six following examples.

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