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Tutorial - Vibrato and Timing
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Vibrato and Timing - Backing Track

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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And here's the backing track. As you can see it's in A min, but as I mentioned earlier, you can treat it as G mixolydian if you'd like. The chords are Amin7 (no5), Fsus2 (even though the G is an octave up doesn't make it a 9, since there is no third), and G5.

A funny thing to note here is that our ears will tend to "fill in" the missing chord notes. When you hear the F and G, your ear will tend to hear them as being major chords in relation to the Amin, even though they have no thirds making them neither major nor minor. This function of the musical brain can be used to our advantage when creating chord voicings, since I can use more "open" voicings, discarding the thirds altogether, and still drive the major "feel" home, just much more subtle (since it's not actually there at all).

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