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Pedal Note Arpeggio Study - Solo

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Hey there and welcome to this lesson!

Today we will be learning another arpeggio study I wrote specifically for you guys here which has particular emphasis on pedal notes. Just to clarify if you are not sure, put as simplistic as possible a pedal note is a sustained note often in the bass which continues over a specific period of time. In this study as the pedal notes are in the upper register, the correct term to use would be 'inverted pedal note'. Also, although each pedal note is separate from the next, it can still be classified as a pedal note, just for your information.

What I have done with this study is to keep it as simple as possible harmonically with the use of diatonic arpeggios and from a technical standpoint it may require some practice to get it sounding as clean as possible. I decided to use a thumbpick for this example as I'm experimenting with it more and more these days for playing lead with as opposed to a pick but approach it as you wish.

As always, watch the video and make a note of anything you notice that may be relevant and I'll see you in part 1.

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