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Descending Legato Lick

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Here's a lick that I wrote/recorded on my band's latest album. My producer asked for 'ear candy,' and I did my best to please him! You can hear the lick in a clip from the actual song at 1:19 in the video. Hopefully, that gives you a good idea of the context for this lick. If you listen closely, you will notice that this lick syncopates with a drum fill.

The lick (and song) falls into the key of F major, and is in the genre of 'Radio-Rock'. The scale shape should be very familiar for most of you.

Pay special attention to my right hand. There is a specific picking pattern that is noted in the tablature. For me, this gives me both the timbre I'm looking for, and the easiest method of play.

I would highly advise that you start practicing this lick very slow, with a metronome. Over time, raise the tempo, until you get it up to speed, and beyond!

Practice hard, and we'll see you next time.