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Practicing Scales: Right Hand Technique - Group 1

Rick Graham 210 lessons

Thanks for joining me in this latest tutorial where we will be looking at various ways of practicing scales.

Spending a lot of time playing scales can be extremely boring, especially if we employ few ways of traversing the fretboard. If we focus in on the right hand, we can employ an infinite number of techniques to help us relieve the monotony of scale practice while at the same time provide us with some new techniques to stick into our trick bag.

I have divided the techniques into groups so that they will be easier for you to digest and you can then take or leave what ever you want to.

We'll be covering straight alternate and economy picking, mixing up picking and legato, hybrid picking, left hand tapping and more so lets get cracking and dive straight into our first group!

For the first group, we will be looking at alternate picking and economy picking. More often that not, guitar players usually fall into one of those picking style groups and the argument still rages as to which one is better. My opinion is both. Learn to have the facility to utilise both at your disposal and you will reap more rewards than just knowing one. Essentially that is the whole premise of this tutorial.

Play through these at equal tempo and even though you may excel at one rather than the other, try to temper that by keeping the tempos identical. The key word here is 'control'.

OK, group 2 beckons!

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