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Note Targeting in Pentatonics - Introduction

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Note Targeting in Pentatonics - Part 1

Welcome guitar slingers!

The goal of the "Note Targeting in Pentatonics" tutorial is for you to be able to improvise freely across any key changes, anywhere on the neck, and learn how to conceptually visualize scales and keys, and using scale superimposition.

Before launching head on into this tutorial, I must advise you to first backtrack and review my other improvisational tutorials in the right order (for the best results). The order in which they are supposed to be followed are:

1. Unlocking the Fretboard

2. Pentatonic Finder

3. Note Targeting

4. Timing and Note Value Alteration

Especially important for you, is to go through the Pentatonic Finder tutorial.

For those of you that have already done so previously I'm also covering the main concept of that tutorial in this introduction, so if you've been through it once already just sit back and watch the introduction as a "freshen up", and of course as an introduction to the concept of this tutorial in particular.