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Tutorial: Blues Basics

Blues Basics - The Chords

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Blues Basics - The Progression

Welcome new guitarists! In this tutorial, I want to focus on getting your first blues progression under your fingers. We'll start by examining three chords (E5, A5 and B5). "5" chords are commonly referred to among guitarists as power chords. These chords are extremely predominant in rock/blues, and the best part? They're actually pretty easy!

So to begin, have a look at E5. If you'll notice, we're only incorporating one finger for this chord, while letting the low E string ring open. The same applies for A5. Make sure, however, that you note the amount of strings within both of these chord diagrams that are muted (signified by those who didn't know, as "X"). So focus, and only focus on two strings at a time when playing these chords.

B5 is a little more challenging. The appearance of this chord is more traditional "power chord". We're playing two notes, one string apart and two frets apart - so we'll be doing a little bit of a stretch. The B5 occupies the same two strings as the A5. Have a look at the demonstration video, and note that the thumb position behind the neck is imparative for nailing this chord - it'll make or break your ability to stretch to new lengths!