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    Hey guys.
    I got some questions about recording as I’ve recently started to dig this :p

    1. How can I start recording myself only (guitar) in a cheap way and a decent (or at least medium) sound quality?
    2. Music editing and mixing software.. what are they actually? what can you do with them? (I heard cubase, pro tools..)
    3. POD. so annoying! It’s just everywhere! and people just talk about it but never explain what is it! so what is it?? same about guitar port or toneport, something like that.


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    I don’t have too much experience on this matter, but I can reveal some secrets that you want to know….

    I got line6 toneport gx today, and all I can say is wow!
    I’m an amateur when it comes to editing/mixing/recording, like you, but this thing really satisfy my needs at this time

    it’s a device that gives a lot from the famous POD system, a lot of amp setups, a lot effects, a lot of fun in general

    it’s really easy to use, it has an USB interface and it doesn’t relate to your soundcard at all
    plug and play system, no problem at all
    good speakers, at least a subwoofer are a must have, but you can get that for low expense, that’s for sure

    at the time being I use only cool edit for mixing backing tracks with my playing
    that’s also a very useful and user-friendly program, you can record a lot of channels with no problem

    as for cubase and other ”advanced” programs, I don’t know much about, but I’m sure people from IG know a lot

    peace mate

    Sean Conklin
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    I’d HIGHLY recommend a Line 6 Guitar Port.

    I don’t have this particular product model myself, but it looks like they now sell it with recording capability:

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    Thanks guys
    It looks awesome, but a little expensive for me.. even when I get the money I have a list of things I wanna get:
    1. A new guitar
    2. A new amp
    3. A premium membership here
    4. A ticket for the Opeth+Dark Trannquility+Nevermore+maybe Meshuggah concert this summer

    So I’m in a serious problem!
    Are there any cheaper ways?

    Sean Conklin
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    Hey Ariel,

    To be honest, I can’t really think of much else that’s cheaper. Although, depending on what kind of computer you have, if it’s new and/or media oriented, it might have a basic recording program already installed.

    Anyway, I’d maybe try to find a good deal for the Guitar Port on ebay? Maybe keep an eye on this auction:

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