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Teach at Infinite Guitar

Make passive income teaching online

Background of Infinite Guitar

Infinite Guitar (IG) is a start-up company looking for instructors to embark on a new business venture. While IG has been around for many years, it's remained a small hidden gem as we have yet to put a real marketing push behind it.

"We" being Sean Conklin and Chris Feener. We're both guitarists and already have teaching material on Infinite Guitar. Sean is a web developer and built Infinite Guitar in his spare time over the years. Chris focuses on managing IG's lesson material and the site's general content and social media.

Job Description

To start, you'll be responsible for creating one guitar tutorial per month. A tutorial will consist of two or more videos accompanied with tablature, text descriptions, and a backing track (if applicable).

You'll have a lot of freedom as far as what you teach. We want you to teach material that you enjoy and specialize in.

Job Requirements

  • Ability to teach guitar in a professional, fun and effective way
  • Capable of producing extremely high-quality HD videos. You will also need to be equipped with a green screen setup
  • Ability to tab out your material in Guitar Pro
  • Willingness to promote IG to your audience whether on YouTube or other social media

Base Pay

For every tutorial you produce each month, you'll receive a base pay of $200.

As IG grows and we get more revenue, there will be opportunity to increase the base pay per tutorial as well as increase the frequency of tutorials.

Passive Income

On top of the base pay, we have a unique way for you to establish your own side business with us where you can make passive income with no cap.

We want you to use our platform to teach on and promote it to your students and fanbase, and in return we'll split every dollar you bring to us 50/50. That goes for initial signups as well as subscription payments.

An example:

You bring in one Monthly Membership signup (costs $19/mo) who stays a member for two years. You'd get $9.50 (50/50 split) for the initial signup as well as $9.50 every month for that two years, totaling $237.50 in passive income. That's just one signup. Multiply this scenario by 50 signups, and you'd get $11,875.00 in passive income. 200 signups would be $47,500.00. And if most of these members never cancelled, you'd continue to be paid for them over all the years they remain a member.

The beauty of this is, if we have a handful of great guitar teachers all doing this with their audiences, IG will grow at a substantial rate which will benefit all involved. Your audience will come to get your lessons, but they'll also have access to everyone else's lessons, making for a great community that promotes solid member retention.

Another benefit is if you ever stopped actively teaching at Infinite Guitar, your pay residuals would remain in tact. You'll still be paid 50% of every signup you brought to us in the past, and even in the future if you chose to still promote us after you left.

How We'd Help

The way we see it, your success will help our success, so we want to help you make as much money as possible. So in addition to splitting the revenue 50/50 with you, we'd also build you custom landing pages/URLs that you can send your audience to.

As an example, here's a landing page we built for Chris Feener.

Every person who signs up after visiting Chris' landing page will be credited to Chris, and it will work the same for your landing pages.

You will also have access to detailed statistics showing your visits and conversions.

Ready to Apply?