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    My sister is spending a year in Kurdish Iraq doing mission work and she sent me back a gift for my birthday recently.

    They were pirated DVDs from the black market in Istanbul.

    She got me “The Best of Samuel L Jackson” (includes Snakes on a Plane!) and “The Best of Sean Connery” (and Thundercats Seasons 1 and 2) on DVD. SLJ has 30 (!) movies on 7 discs and SC has 25 movies on 6 discs. The quality isn’t all that bad either, I dont’ have an HD TV but the picture is DVD quality, the sound is dumbed down a little it seems, I would never buy a pirated DVD as I have a huge opposition to it (well qualifier: I did buy Sifl And Olly season 1 pirated from a comic con, and that’s only because it’s not on DVD otherwise).

    Anyone else run into ridiculous DVD things like this? This was a fairly new to me concept (obscene amounts of movies in “collections” being sold for less than 10 USD). Are intellectual property rights really that lax internationally?


    Well, i’ve never heard of these collections before- but really, i dont see the point in buying pirated movies. It would seem nowadays with the availability of these movies for free online people would buy their own blank dvds and burn them for cheaper. Ofcourse, nothing beats having the real boxset 😛

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    @DeepRoots 2668 wrote:

    nothing beats having the real boxset

    I agree, there’s something about having the dvd casing. I love how colorful my dvd shelf looks with all the different movies. 😀

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