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Finger Independence - Part 1

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Finger Independence - Part 2


In this tutorial we will take a look at two exercises to help build your left hand finger independence and coordination.

When we think of coordination exercises, we most often think of scale-based or chromatic single string exercises, geared towards making you pull of fast, complex scale runs. These exercises however, even though they WILL help you in that department as well, are more geared towards helping you pull of complex voicing and chord changes.

These kind of finger independence exercises will also serve you well in arpeggiated runs though.

What we are dealing with is one finger moving in the left hand, whilst the others remain anchored on the G-string.

It's not that you NEED to anchor them, you could just as easily play this stuff with all fingers in the air. The anchoring is solely for practice, and to later on help you move notes within a voicing whilst having certain notes remain stationary.

Take a look at the video. The concept is dead simple, but takes some time to master.