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Guitar Tutorial

Robben Ford Style Blues

Instructor: Martin Miller
Style: Blues
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Martin Miller Level: Intermediate Topic: Rhythm Style: Blues

    Excerpt: Hey IG, We’re here with the second installment of my little blues series. This time we’re dealing with a more sophisticated Robben Ford/Larry Carlton type blues. The phrases in this will be more advanced from both a melodic as well as rhythmic point of view but played with a Blues Rock attitude. Let’s dig right in! Just like the previ...

    Media Length: 0:44

  • Instructor: Martin Miller Level: Intermediate Topic: Improvising Style: Blues

    Excerpt: So let’s get started with the lead playing! I’ve come up with a blues chorus that features some typical licks for this type of playing. Most of these lines are based on both the major and minor blues scales. I switch back and forth even within a lot of the lines. Add a lot of chromatic passing tones, colour tones, triads and more to the mix and y...

    Media Length: 1:02