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Robben Ford Style Blues - Intro & Rhythm

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Robben Ford Style Blues - Solo Example

Hey IG,

We’re here with the second installment of my little blues series. This time we’re dealing with a more sophisticated Robben Ford/Larry Carlton type blues. The phrases in this will be more advanced from both a melodic as well as rhythmic point of view but played with a Blues Rock attitude. Let’s dig right in!

Just like the previous Blues Rock we covered this is a 12-bar-blues as well, only this time the rhythm part is based around a rhythmic chord pattern. Feel free to mix up both the voicings as well as the actual rhythms. 

Note that these voicings use extensions and colour tones. These are optional. You can reduce or expand these chords at will. Have a look into Tom Quayle’s Shell Voicing tutorial to see how the basic 7th-chords are constructed. From there try adding notes like the 9th and 13th