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Tutorial - Hybrid Metal 101
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Hybrid Metal 101 - Harmonic Minor

Chris Feener 256 lessons

Hey guys! This two-part tutorial will be covering a technique that I've been asked to examine quite a few times (especially with my latest Youtube video release of an instrumental I wrote entitled "The Second Surface"). Incorporating hybrid picking into metal soloing. If done effectively and using the right tone, this technique will set you apart from the rest. It offers that fluid, jazzy sound, while still executing the scales and arpeggios we all love.

These exercises CAN be used for any genre, but I decided to stick to some relatively "dark" flavoured scales/arpeggios for the purpose of those who are looking to add yet another tool to their vast arsenal of metal solo techniques.

So let's get down to business!

EXERCISE 1: Let's start out with some good ol' fashion harmonic minor licks. This one is a fairly straight-forward descending passage in the key of Am. It descends in groups of six but keep an eye on the fast-approaching "M" which represents the middle finger of our right hand.

EXERCISE 2: Expanding on this idea, let's approach the technique from the lower strings. Same as before, keep an eye on the "M's". You'll quickly notice another strange character which follows almost every middle-finger picked note - the "A" - this represents the ring finger of the right hand. Incorporating a stern "clawing" technique will probably aid in the process of achieving the fairly stuccato sound this lick is meant to portray.

EXERCISE 3: Total madness! This next one has a few extra techniques which come into play (ie., sliding, etc.) and is fairly awkward in the rhythm department. I strongly advise slowing down the first measure and really feeling out how the notes "move" before attempting measure two (which is actually quite easier and very reminiscent of exercise 1!).

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