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Guitar Tutorial

Country Mechanics

Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Intermediate Topic: Exercises Style: Country

    Excerpt: Hey guys, I've been on a hiatus from metal over the past while and decided to throw something a little different at y'all for  this time - country lead playin'! Country lead playing is something that has always boggled my mind and I've always tried to incorporate techniques, tricks and licks I've heard by some of these country shredders into my playin...

    Media Length: 0:56

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Advanced Topic: Scales Style: Country

    Excerpt: So to start, a really important and often overlooked approach is to play in "diads". Diads are any grouping of two notes within a key. We'll be sticking to the key of G major for the time being so we can understand how things operate across the board. What we'll be doing is playing two notes within every major/minor/diminished chord in G major (G, Am, Bm, C...

    Media Length: 1:09

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Country

    Excerpt: This technique mimics the sound of a pedal steel guitar and is super frequent in country guitar soloing. Again, within the confines of G major, let's break down each position within the key, starting from the first, which highlights a G major triad. The "target" tonality for each individual segment (which begins every half note) will be one chord lower in G...

    Media Length: 1:11

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Intermediate Topic: Technique Style: Country

    Excerpt: Double-Stop: The act of playing two notes simultaneously - two separate strings are "stopped" by the fingers. A technique drawn from many types of bluegrass music, double-stopping features the most intense dynamic of all. Strictly finger-style, we'll be combining a couple different techniques and highlighting some very major-scale sounding country rhyt...

    Media Length: 1:06

  • Instructor: Chris Feener Level: Intermediate Topic: Improvising Style: Country

    Excerpt: Now it's time to try out some of those licks! Have fun with the jam track!

    Media Length: 1:06