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Tutorial - Country Mechanics
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Country Mechanics - Major Key Diads

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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So to start, a really important and often overlooked approach is to play in "diads". Diads are any grouping of two notes within a key. We'll be sticking to the key of G major for the time being so we can understand how things operate across the board.

What we'll be doing is playing two notes within every major/minor/diminished chord in G major (G, Am, Bm, C, D, Em, F#dim). The goal here is to visualize the key itself in a different light - the sound of the rich third harmonization is very crucial to country playing.

Part 1 (measures 1-2) will be starting from a G major diad (playing the 3rd first, root second) and continuing that format through each diad chord shape until returning to G major, one octave higher.

Part 2 (measures 5-6) excludes the root all together, we'll simply be playing the 5th on the D string, and the 3rd on the B string, once again, ascending through each position until reaching one octave higher.

Part 3 (measures 9-10) contains the root on the G string, and 3rd on the A string.

Part 4 (measures 13-14) contains the root on the D string, and 3rd on the B string.

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