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Guitar Tutorial

Percussive Fingerstyle

Instructor: David Soltany
Topic: Exercises
Style: Acoustic
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: David Soltany Level: Beginner Topic: Exercises Style: Acoustic

    Excerpt: Hey everyone! Welcome to this tutorial on acoustic percussion. We're going to be checking out some basic techniques in order to familiarize yourself with modern percussive-style playing. So first, the tuning is : DADGADChange Low E string to D Leave A string as A Leave D string as D Leave G string to G Change B string to A Change High E string to D The on...

    Media Length: 1:16

  • Instructor: David Soltany Level: Intermediate Topic: Exercises Style: Acoustic

    Excerpt: Now, for Exercises 4 and 5 we'll be incorporating further ideas. First, the beat will change a bit in Exercise 4 while keeping the F chord on the upbeats. This gives more groove and it's a key element to expanding on interesting grooves later on. In Exercise 5, we construct a hi-hat with both hands, hitting with the two first fingers of the right hand foll...

    Media Length: 0:49