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Percussive Fingerstyle - Part 2

David Soltany 13 lessons

Now, for Exercises 4 and 5 we'll be incorporating further ideas.

First, the beat will change a bit in Exercise 4 while keeping the F chord on the upbeats. This gives more groove and it's a key element to expanding on interesting grooves later on.

In Exercise 5, we construct a hi-hat with both hands, hitting with the two first fingers of the right hand followed by the third finger of the left hand.

Be careful to keep the triplets in time and not speeding between the first and second hits.

Here are the Hi-hat markings for the tablature:
Hh1 :
Hi-hat hit with first finger of the right hand
Hh2 :
Hi-hat hit with second finger of the right hand
Hh3 :
Hi-hat hit with third finger of the left hand

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