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Percussive Fingerstyle - Part 1

David Soltany 13 lessons

Hey everyone! Welcome to this tutorial on acoustic percussion. We're going to be checking out some basic techniques in order to familiarize yourself with modern percussive-style playing.

So first, the tuning is : DADGAD
Change Low E string to D
Leave A string as A
Leave D string as D
Leave G string to G
Change B string to A
Change High E string to D

The only chord we're going to play is F, only because we are focusing on the right hand, and for this first approach it is interesting to understand some basic techniques like how to play the kick drum, the snare and hi-hats (others may call it "chopping").

For this first part, we'll work with a simple rhythm with the Kick and Snare (Exercises 1 and 2), then we'll add a simplified hi-hat rhythm with the left hand.

Here's the marking for the tablature:
(Kick) : use the palm of your right hand to knock on body
(Snare) : use your first finger on right hand to knock on body
Hh (
Simplified Hi-Hat) : use your third finger of your left hand (4th finger works too) to hit the strings
The X mark on Tab defines when the Kick/Snare/Hi-Hat  happens not where the percussion is hitting (for an example the X mark doesn't mean you have to knock on  E1 string)

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