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Guitar Tutorial

Shred Licks II

Instructor: Travis Montgomery
Topic: Exercises
Style: Any Style
Levels: Advanced, Crazy!
Begin Tutorial
  • Instructor: Travis Montgomery Level: Advanced Topic: Exercises Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Here are a few challenging licks that involve a few techniques. These licks deal with finger tapping, legato, alternate picking, and sweep picking. Have fun with them, and take them slow! Lick 1 is a melodic tapping sequence that I wrote a few years ago, and never got around to using. I thought it would be perfect for a lesson since it not only involves tap...

    Media Length: 1:24

  • Instructor: Travis Montgomery Level: Crazy! Topic: Exercises Style: Any Style

    Excerpt: Lick 2 is a bit tricky! Don’t let the speed of the lick intimidate you. Just play it a whatever tempo is comfortable to you at the moment. This lick involves sweeping, tapping, and alternate picking. You’ll but using a bit of the technique from Lick 1, but there is a bit of string skipping involved this time around. The Petrucci-esque picking li...

    Media Length: 0:36