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More Legato Licks! - Intro and Lick 1

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More Legato Licks! - Lick 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to my first tutorial of 2014. This month I want to share 5 short but very useful licks with you. Make sure to read through the text and study the tab carefully to get the most from this tutorial.

Good luck guys. Let's have fun this year! :)

Lick #1

I'm starting out with this lick to give you an idea of how I visualize. I usually avoid box patterns by thinking only within one octave.

Then I drill lines like these by moving them around diatonically (up and down the neck) and by crossing them over octaves (diagonally and sometimes vertically).

As I learn more and more small licks and move them around, I'm taking mental notes to build off of. Now when I learn new licks, not only do I start a new journey by moving them in different dirrections, I can also relate them to licks I'm already fimaliar with, making the process faster as I learn more. :) Pretty awesome!

Remember to relax, sit with good posture and make mental notes of how these shapes relate to the intervallic structure of the scale.