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Fill it in! - Intro

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

Welcome guys!

In this tutorial we will look into a simple, yet effective practising method you can use to help nail your licks in the musical context of your choice. The idea here is to choose a riff, rhythm or chord progression that spans 2 bars. After playing that riff, you then fill in licks of your choice in 2 bars following that, creating a 4 bar span in all, with Riff -> Lick -> Riff -> Lick and so forth.

The whole idea here is to force you (or me for that matter) to choose a lick, and really work it, expanding and altering the lick every 2 bars. This will help your improvising by making you more able to use any lick in any context, flowing back and forth between riffs and licks. This will be especially useful for those of you being the only guitarist in a band, where you are forced to play both rhythm and lead, filling in gaps and such, and think on your feet.

So go ahead and try out the example riff, and then find ideas of your own to experiment with.

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