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Funky Fusion Song - Solo Section

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Okay - onto the tricky bit! My solo was totally improvised over the backing track and I'd like you guys to do the same! If there are enough requests I will transcribe the solo, however, two things spring to mind here. You'll learn a lot more by either transcribing the solo yourself or by making up your own solo over the changes.

These are pretty hard changes to play over - that's a definite! In order to play over this section you're going to need to know a few scales pretty well.

Here are the scales you'll need:

For the F#m9 chord - F# Dorian/F#m Pentatonic

For the Am7 chord - A Dorain/Am Pentatonic

For the Eadd9/G# chord - G#Phyrgian (Same scale as F# Dorian)

For the B7alt chord - B Superlocrian (C Melodic Minor)

For the Em9 chord - E Dorian/Em Pentatonic

For the Gm7 chord and Am7 Chord - G Dorian/Gm Pentatonic

For the C#7#9 chord - C# Superlocrian (D Melodic Minor)

That's some serious work to do, but to help you I've written each scale in 2 octaves below.

Tablature for Funky Fusion Song - Solo Section

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