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Perception vs. Harmonic Context in Fusion - Intro

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Perception vs. Harmonic Context in Fusion - Part 1

Welcome guys, to a perhaps somewhat "out there" tutorial =)

What we will set out to do here is to open our ears and improvising up to the harmonic context of any chord of choice we might be laying over, be it generic pop or hard core fusion.

we want to try and alter our (and our listeners) perception of the harmonies we play over, by our note and scale choice when improvising. If your audience hears the voicing and think "now this is going to be some serious minor and altered playing", you might want to surprise both them and yourself by playing major, AND making both the audience and yourself really buy into the fact that it does work.

At this point, I'm pretty sure you're wondering what I'm rambling about. Just stay tuned, and head on over to part one, and all shall be explained!