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Tutorial: TT-Zop

TT-Zop - Solo Part 2

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TT-Zop - Solo Part 1 TT-Zop - Solo Part 3

In the second part fo the solo, we start out with a more Blackmore-styled ide. The key here is to get that small, but quick and agressive bend going in the first finger. It is easy to slip of the string, especially on a vintage radius tele-neck, so keep that in mind. So dig into it, but keep it under control.

The second part takes us into a more contemporary world of licks and tricks. This type of 2-note per string ideas originated in country and to some extent jazz music, but has been brought into metal and rock but guys like Zakk Wylde to name one. Some guys pick all notes in these figures. I however, like the "snap" and way I can accentuate the notes on (in this case) the G.-string, to create a rhythmical division within the lick. Please play it in whatever way you feel most technically comfortable with.