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"In the style of" Joe Pass - Part 3

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"In the style of" Joe Pass - Part 2

Continuing from the last chorus.

Bar 1- following through with Bb9 into Fm7 to Bb13 >Bm7
Bar 2- Bm7 > Eb13 > B#9
Bar 3- Bb9 > Fm9 - Bb13 (B13 - Fm9)
Bar 4- on beat 3 we have Bb13 > D9
Bar 5- Eb9
( from here through the next few bars we see a similar 'up and down' effect with the chords ) Bar 5 continues with Bbm7 > Bbm9 > Bbm7

Bar 6- Eb9 > Gdim7 > Bbdim7 > Gdim7
Bar 7- Bb9 >>>
Bar 8- Ab13 > G7#5
Bar 9- C7#9
Bar 10- Cm7 > Cm9 > A13 on the last up beat
Bar 11- Bb13 > Eb7
Bar 12- on beat two we come back to B7 > Bb7

That's all folks. Pat yourselves on the back for reaching the end, this tune is not easy. If you have questions about this lesson or anything else feel free to contact me on the forums.