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Anvil Studio - Example Composition Riff

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

In this video, we'll compose a short example riff so you can get a general idea on how you can compose with Anvil Studio.

Feel free to pause the video whenever necessary so you can follow the steps I'm taking. You don't have to compose with the same notes that I'm using, but make sure you follow along so you can get a good feel for the process.

Above all, have fun composing! And like I mentioned in the video, this is just the beginning as far as composition software goes. You'll eventually want to learn how to sample midi tracks with virtual instruments so the instruments sound realistic. Midi instruments by themselves do sound a bit cheesy, but don't let that detour you from composing with midi. Your job is to envision what your compositions will sound like with real instruments.

Have fun getting familiar with Anvil Studio. And get busy creating some cool songs!

See you next time,

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